Hello, welcome to Cinesthesia!

My name is Carlos Cuevas and I’ve been a fanatic of genre movies since I was around eight and my parents took me to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). Several years later I bought Peter Nicholls’ book The World of Fantastic Films (1984) and I was changed for life. The result is the website you’re reading now.

If you’d like to submit a review, please write me at ciancuevas@gmail.com.


4 / 4 – Great. Exciting ideas and execution.

3.5 / 4 – Really good. A cut above the rest.

3 / 4 – Good. Solid all around.

2.5 / 4 – Entertaining. Hits more than it misses.

2 / 4 – Average. A few okay moments.

1.5 / 4 – Below average. A jumbled mess.

1 / 4 – Poor. The bottom of the barrel.

Thanks for visiting!

Site title generously suggested by Gerry “The Stillness” López.

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