Carlos I. Cuevas 

Cynical and inquisitive, Carlos attempts to study, criticize, and write films, with very little success.

Check out other rants and raves at AfterImage.


Rogelio Rodríguez

Film fanatic Rogelio agrees with the following opinion from Harry Block, Woody Allen’s character in Deconstructing Harry (1997): You know, between air conditioning and the Pope, I’ll take air conditioning.”


Gerry Lopez

Gerry loves and sometimes writes about music, movies, and TV, but hates bios and will not write one. Ever.

Check out Gerry’s blogs Sound Affects and Strange Orphan Boxes.


Ed Townsend

Ed has many loves in his life, including film, craft beer, pub quizzes, and Peter Gabriel. This order varies daily.


Rubén Rosario

Rubén writes about his lifelong passion for cinema, even though (or especially because) no one asked for his opinion. He’s also the only Tomatometer-approved contributor on this site, so pay attention.

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